Sunday, June 12, 2005


Hello from the Serengeti!!

Im on Safari right now for a few days - checking out the wild Serengeti. It's awesome! It's National Geographic Live! We've done quite a few game drives over the last few days - a sunrise one today... and more in the afternoon. It was incredible. We've seen every animal that lives in this area except for Cheetah and Rhino. We will see Rhino at the Ngorongoro Crater tomorrow.

I hope to get a chance to upload some pictures soon.

Internet is VERY expensive here... we're staying in a lodge in the middle of the Serengeti, so that would explain! We had wild buffalo walk through the complex today... we have no fence separating us from the wilderness! LOVE IT!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!!!! It's seems to be there...

11:56 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a few days I will go to Zanzibar... Counting the hours....

9:56 pm


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