Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Goodbye Party

The Presidential Embrace
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With 2 days left at the Tribunal, the goodbye parties have begun. Last night a group of around 60 interns and staff came to Masai Camp for Cristian and my goodbye party... we had a great time but will miss all the friends we have made here.

On Thursday evening my parents arrive... on Friday I show them around the Tribunal and do my final security check out procedures... and then on Saturday, its off for a three week trip around East Africa starting in the Serengeti, relaxing in Zanzibar and ending in the Ugandan jungles with some Chimpanzee and Silverback Gorilla trecking! It will be a great trip!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you guys twins???!!

12:32 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! It will be a great trip!!!!!

I've been in Zanzibar years ago and it's been a really pleasant experience.

so...bon voyage:-)

4:23 pm


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