Friday, May 20, 2005

Interesting logic!

Here is an incident that happened the other day that made me chuckle. I was working late at the Tribunal and was driven home by this taxi driver (local Tanzanian guy). Taxi drivers love talking (provided they speak English)... but with this driver, we were discussing my work at the tribunal and what happened in Rwanda. I was telling him how much I love Tanzania because here it doesn't matter which tribe or ethnic group you belong to, you're all Tanzanian! He loved it and of course agreed enthusiastically. He was saying how it doesn't matter who you are, whether you're Mzunugu (white man), Tanzanian, or of a particular tribe, they're all the same and loved by God! After about a minute, he said 'Oh but Kenyans, we don't like them!'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha, you've got to love the unity among the E. Africans! I got that all the time in Kenya too!

Good to read your updates Roman, and to know that you're at the tribunal during a time when so much is happenning.

Enjoy the last month.

5:03 am


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