Thursday, April 07, 2005


It's been a while since I've updated so I figured its time to let you all know whats going on in Roman World.

About a fortnight ago myself and 8 other friends went over to Zanzibar for the Easter Weekend. The first two days we stayed in Stonetown. Stonetown is quite an old city and is very interesting to explore. It has the feel of Naples crossed with the Middle East and crossed again with Africa... quite a mix!! There is a strong Muslim influence there, with the Call to Prayer heard everywhere you go in the populated parts of the island. The city is made up of many narrow alleyways with cobble stones. On street corners are locals playing chess, selling their produce, or they're trying to get you into their shop to buy their stuff.

On one day we rented motorbikes and cruised across the island to the east coast where there are amazing beaches... white sand, palm trees, blue and green water... just like what we have in the Pacific!

Three of the nights were also spent on the East of the island. We stayed in a bungalow complex which we pretty much had to ourselves. It was great fun there! With nothing to do all day, we just lay in the sun, read books, played cards, snorkled, hosted the olympic games... and as you can imagine, a bunch of crazy interns would also get up to some mischief!! Those are stories better not spread on the internet ;)

I am back in Arusha now.. work as usual! I've been spending the last week drafting prosecution motions. Thats a great way to refine my legal skills! We have quite a few interns leaving at the moment. Those who were only staying 3 months have started their exodus. But their replacements arrive next week, so that should shake up the group dynamics a little!


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